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We are a rapidly growing organization of over 3,000 Charleston Women in Technology.

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Our Impact

“My involvement with the CHSWIT has helped me to identify, dissect, and chisel away at my own hidden stereotypes of what it means to be a woman in tech. Switching careers in my mid-30s and entering a field where women are a staggering minority (around 15%), I felt out of place and apprehensive when I first started. After I began attending CHSWIT events, I quickly realized that my unique perspectives within the industry were my strengths as a software engineer, not my weaknesses. ”

- Jenny Schutzman, Software Engineer, Tallo

Women in technology, by the numbers

19 percent

Computer science research jobs will grow 19% by 2026. Yet, women earn only 18% of computer science bachelor's degrees in the U.S.

5 to 1 ratio

Women engineers are outnumbered by a ratio of 5:1 or more.

Source: Trust Radius
1 in 5

C-suite executives is a woman. 1 in 25 C-suite executives is a woman of color.

38 percent

Only 38% of women who majored in computer science are working in the field. Black women in STEM earn 87 percent of white women's salaries and 62% of what men earn.

Source: CIO
41 percent

In tech, the quit rate is more than twice as high for women 41% as it is for men 17%.

Source: NCWIT
66 percent

Women in tech also tended to undervalue their market worth, asking for less pay 66% of the time, and would often ask for 6% less salary than their male counterparts.

Source: Forbes